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Plans for 2018

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Following the meeting at November 2017's meetup, a few proposals for change were put forward.

The first meet-up for 2018 will ‪on Thursday 4th January‬ at The Southsider ‪at 7.30pm‬.

Contrary to previous plans to change the day of the week we would meet up on, we will continue to meet on the first Thursday of every month.

We will also make a renewed effort to get talks going, and focus on sourcing talks from within the group. Any topic, from anybody, is welcome!

The format of EdLUG will largely stay the same as previous years. We plan to hold some talks from February 2018 onwards and have active discussions on Linux & other open source software.

Meetings take place at The Southsider, 3 - 7 West Richmond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9EF.