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Christmas Meal - La Sal - 3rd December 2015

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Thursday, 3 December, 2015 - 19:00

This year the Edlug Christmas meal will be at La Sal Tapas Restaurant on 3rd December 2015 from 7:00pm.

The restaurant will give a set price of £17.50 per person for three tapas and dessert.  There are options for vegetarians.
There is a copy of the menu online at

As usual drinks will cost extra.

To register use the "Register" tab at the top to enter name, email address, etc.

Please register only one person per registration. (So no "John & Jane Doe" - two people as a single entry)

Your entries will appear below and if you need to cancel an entry please email webmaster @

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Name Vegetarian
Paul Cooper No
Jan Goulding No
Joe Barnett No
Tai Kedzierski No
Kris Findlay No
Alistair Murray No
Justin B Rye No
Jean-Louis Sougné No
Andrew Smith No
Andrew Ramage No
crpark No
Arthur Artamonov No
John Law No
Iain Nicol No
Neil Duffy No
Greg Lewin No