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RE: [edlug] boot-up question

Someone seems to know how the machine was powered-up at this linky

although this may only be relevant to server class mobos.

many thanks for the replies so far, though I would prefer to know what
type of power signal was used I may use a timestamp
from /var/log/messages.


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> Subject: [edlug] boot-up question
> I've set up an automated backup system using a debian system with
> external usb connected disks.  the sequence of events is as follows
> the pc boots unattended from the BIOS timer,
> a software controlled power switch turns on the external drives
> the array is activated and mounted
> the backup happens
> the array is unmounted and deactivated
> the soft power switch turns off
> a halt command is issued
> ......
> we wait for next BIOS timer event.
> This works OK but if I want to maintain the system and start with the
> power button or wake-on-lan I don't want the backup sequence to start
> automatically.
> Is there any way to find out from the BIOS for example how the initial
> boot happened?
> I find nothing on Google but dmidecode reports a line in the section
> "System Information" reading "Wake-up Type: Power Switch".
> I've tried waking this particular system on BIOS timer but the above
> messahe does not change.
> I could check /proc/uptime to give for instance a 5 minute window in
> which to abort the backup but there must be an elegant way.
> Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
> joe.
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