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[edlug] Screen resolutions in X11

I'm trying out the new Fedora 12 but have a major problem with the way
the monitor resolutions are detected automagically.

The setup is that I have the monitor on a long KVM extender rather than
plugging the monitor into the graphics card directly.

No matter what I put in the monitor section of xorg.conf the only
resolutions offered are 800x600 and 640x480.  If I carry the monitor
down the corridor and plug it directly into the graphics card after a
moment the resolution changes to the native setting for the monitor
(1280x1024) without even restarting the X server. If I then unplug and
take the monitor back to my bench and plug it into the KVM extender the
resolution stays at 1280x1024 until I restart the X server when I'm back
to 800x600.

The xorg.conf is not being totally ignored as the mouse and keyboard
settings can be changed and other options (such as DontZap) have effect.
Only the display section seems to be ignored.

Adding insult to injury xvidtune seems to be gone, it was there in
Fedora 11.

Fedora 12
Intel video driver

Thoughts and ruminations greatly appreciated.


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