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Re: Reply-to-All (was Re: [Fwd: RE: [edlug] Facebook group against Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill])

2009/11/27 Kevin Davidson <kevin@xxx.xxx.xxx>:
> In the old days (before hosted email services) you could suggest people
> create a mail filter using procmail to strip out the Reply-to header if it
> contains the list. If you have an enlightened host that allows you to use
> Sieve or a smart enough MUA you can probably still do this.
> Perhaps there's an opening for a mail gateway service that performs this
> operation?

Maybe you could do that with Googlemail by downloading all your mail
with POP3, processing it, and unploading it to a new Googlemail
account. Although it woulld seem a bit long-winded, and I'm not sure
it would cope with edge conditions too well.

I use Google because it has a better user interface than other email
programs I'm familiar with. It's a pity there isn't a version of gmail
that runs on the client, possibly using a local http server. Then it
would be easy to to configure it (using procmail or whatever).

Aside: am I the only person who thinks procmail config files have an
absurdly hard to understand syntax?

Philip Hunt, <cabalamat@xxx.xxx.xxx>
Campaigns Officer, Pirate Party UK
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