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Re: Reply-to-All (was Re: [Fwd: RE: [edlug] Facebook group against Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill])

Andrew Aylett wrote:

On 27/11/09 22:32, Bryan Ross wrote:
IMHO, which ever is most
common for the most number people should be the default behaviour.
Not picking on you personally, but you wrote a clear statement which I disagree with.

To me the problem with this mailing list is the same as with most other mailing lists; that is that when I post to the list my email address is exposed to anybody who cares to subscribe. It is quite clear that spammers commonly lurk on mailing lists for the express purpose of collecting email addresses. I don't know specifically if spammers lurk on edlug but they might.

This may not have been such an issue when the conventions for configuring and using a mailing lists were conceived but it is a problem now.

I would prefer mailing lists to be configured so that the originators email address was excluded from the message headers altogether, leaving only the address of the list exposed. In this case, of course, the reply-to issue becomes moot.

Other reasons why I don't want my email address exposed include avoiding being dragged into off-list conversations with another list member who sees you as a resource to resolve their particular problem, and avoiding clogging up the T'bird "collected addresses" list with large numbers of list members addresses.

There is a privacy issue too. If I google myself I turn up all sorts of not terribly edifying posts on various subjects which have been archived by mailing lists over the years. My name is a tag into this motley collection of posts and seeing them linked together makes me feel a somewhat uncomfortable.



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