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Re: Reply-to-All (was Re: [Fwd: RE: [edlug] Facebook group against Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill])

When I want to participate in a discussion like this, then the 'reply'
button seems the most intuitive one to hit.  However, when I'm at work
and there's multiple people in to: or cc: fields, then the definitions
of 'reply' and 'reply to' become more appropriate.

The difference between these two scenarios in my opinion is intent.
In a discussion group like this, I believe the default behaviour
should be inclusive.  In other words, the reason I'm a member of this
list is to read and share opinions and information.  At work, however,
the default behaviour should probably be one-to-one communcation.

Taking away the arguments of RFC's and rights versus wrongs - at the
end of the day, when you see a post on the edlug mailinglist, how
often do you intend to only reply to the poster? how often do you
intend to reply to the group? And, how often do you intend to reply to
the group and send an email to the poster?  IMHO, which ever is most
common for the most number people should be the default behaviour.
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