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Re: Reply-to-All (was Re: [Fwd: RE: [edlug] Facebook group against Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill])

On Fri, 2009-11-27 at 10:24 +0000, Martin Fraser wrote:
> Dick Middleton wrote:
> >
> > Philip Hunt wrote:
> >
> >> I believe this article contains a misunderstanding of the relevant
> >> specification (RFC2822). I'll explain why...
> >
> > Yes indeed but unfortunately this isn't a technical issue it's a 
> > political issue.
> >
> > We should have vote.

> In the spirit of Freedom that we all adhere to, I'm all for that

As I feel "guilty" for provoking this discussion, I'd like to offer an
alternative to voting on this.

My experience is the majority of lists defaulting to Reply-to: list.
Simply put a cautionary note in the .sig appended to list messages that
this is not the case.

People will still miss it, but less-so.

Brian McNeil <brian.mcneil@xxx.xxx.xxx>
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