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[edlug] Surplus 1U server

Anyone interested in this before I fleabay it:

1U dual 3.06Ghz/6Gb Xeon server
(roughly equivalent to an HP Proliant DL360G3 or IBM x335)

Intel SR1300 chassis with sliding rackmount kit
Intel SE7501WV2 Motherboard
2 x Intel 3.06Ghz Xeon CPUs
  533 FSB/1M cache for each processor
  with hyperthreading, appears as 4 virtual CPU's to Windows,Linux,Solaris
2 x PCI-X slots (1 full height,1 low profile)
2 x 73Gb U320 SCSI 10k hotpluggable drives
2 x Intel 10/100/1000-Mbps Base-T Ethernet ports
DVD/Floppy (can be replaced with another hotplugable SCSI drive)
IPMI 1.5 remote management (remote shutdown,restart,monitoring via LAN)

I might be able to swap two of the 1Gb DIMM's for 2Gb DIMMS taking it to 8Gb in total, need to test this though.

This has been my VMware ESX test box for the last two years and was able to handle over a dozen VM's simultaneously. It's also run various Linux distros, Windows 2003R2 and Solaris in the past as well.

Can deliver anywhere in central Scotland FoC. Looking for £80.

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