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Reply-to-All (was Re: [Fwd: RE: [edlug] Facebook group against Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill])

Reply-to-All works for most e-mail programs.

By not munging the reply-to-header, one can reply to the sender off-list, if one wants to. Particularly if the sender has a different reply-to addresses than the sending address.


On 22/11/09 22:44 Martin Fraser wrote:

Oh man! Don't start that again, but it really does my head in that when communicating on a mailing list, a list like so many others, when you reply to a list email, it doesn't go to the list, as so many other lists do.

It is very much annoying.


Quoting Brian McNeil <brian.mcneil@xxx.xxx.xxx>:

I don't like to whinge (he lies). But, is there a good reason why the
mailing list sets the reply to go to the original sender instead of the

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