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Re: [edlug] tsort command

Anybody creating a concordance would find a use for ptx. Know any linguists? (My father spent years writing software in Spitbol, Snobol and later Perl and Python to produce this kind of result).

Indexing a book?

I've used linkers as late as the early 90s that required tsort, lorder and ranlib to create archives suitable for one-pass linking. Wonderful as the Gnu compilers and binutils are, in those days not every machine had the RAM and diskspace to run it...

There may be other obscure shell scripts that rely on things like this, so there's no good reason to exclude them from a bundle of commands that have existed since Version 7 (which predates System V in case the version numbers are confusing :-) )
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On 18 Nov 2009, at 13:55, Justin B Rye <edlug@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

David McKelvie wrote:
tsort = topological sort
  Anyhow, that's where tsort came from.  To solve an old problem with
the way the linker handled archive files, which has since been solved
in different ways.

I'm aware that it served a purpose in seventies releases of UNIX. That would be a good explanation if a legacy version was included in some esoteric cross-platform-development package or other.

But no, the GNU Project decided that ptx and tsort needed to be
reimplemented and included in coreutils, a collection of "essential"
commandline tools that wasn't assembled in one package until 2003.

Maybe the decision was made by single transferable vote?

(Thanks, Alex!  Any suggestions for ptx?)
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