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Re: [edlug] Doze free netbook

On Wed, 4 Nov 2009, Jerome Kelleher wrote:

< This seems to be turning into the same discussion as in the comments for this 
< (poor and misleading, in my opinion) article in the register:
< http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/03/karmic_koala_frustration/
< The discussion can be summarised as follows:
< comment j: Karmic is rubbish, it didn't work on my 
< laptop/desktop/server/netbook/.....
< comment j + 1: Karmic is brilliant it worked perfectly on my laptop/...
< .
< .
< .
< comment (j + k) % n: Linux is useless anyway, you should be using 
< Windows/FreeBSD/....
< It's not really very productive, is it? 
< My personal experience is that Linux installs/upgrades are getting easier as 
< time goes by (and Ubuntu was a major step forward in this respect, for me). 
< There are sometimes hiccups, but that's life in the free software world. 
< Anyone else think there's been some over-reaction on the Karmic issue?
Thanks for the link. theregister provides it's own answer to your


To be honest, it seems laughable to pump up ubuntu as a windows killer.
It's unfortunate that w7 is not the miserable flop that was vista, but
let us put this all into perspective:
Almost as many users still use w2k as every brand of linux.

As far as I can see, windows was losing some of its share of the os
market to mac osx, but w7 may have changed this. On the other hand,
linux's fraction of the desktop market is moving sideways. In my experience,
many older users of linux have migrated to osx, even while some newer 
users take up the free os.


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