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Re: [edlug] Doze free netbook

This seems to be turning into the same discussion as in the comments for this 
(poor and misleading, in my opinion) article in the register:


The discussion can be summarised as follows:

comment j: Karmic is rubbish, it didn't work on my 
comment j + 1: Karmic is brilliant it worked perfectly on my laptop/...
comment (j + k) % n: Linux is useless anyway, you should be using 

It's not really very productive, is it? 

My personal experience is that Linux installs/upgrades are getting easier as 
time goes by (and Ubuntu was a major step forward in this respect, for me). 
There are sometimes hiccups, but that's life in the free software world. 

Anyone else think there's been some over-reaction on the Karmic issue?


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