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Re: [edlug] Edlug wiki - it has been tried before -

paul@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:
Just out of interest would the group be interested in having their own
domain and wiki for the group. E.g. edlugwiki.org.uk.


sorry for the late join of this discussion, but just thought I'd remind people that this has been tried twice before.

Someone (I forget who, sorry) started one a few years ago, and it was hardly used, and was eventually closed.

Then I started one on a Freezope account about 3 years ago iirc, just as a trial to see if anyone might find it useful, and because I was trying out Zope at the time. It saw a little interest and some usage, but never quite took off as a medium, perhaps partly because it never achieved enough visibility to be current in peoples' minds as a regular item, for routine use - people were often surprised when I mentioned that there was already a wiki for Edlug.

It was on a public free site and so could not be relied on - it's fair to say that that site often seemed to be down - but it seemed ok as a pilot project, with a later move to a better site possible if it flew.

I did suggest to Faye that it might be linked to from the static EdLUG web page, but she declined on the grounds that the wiki was not password protected and there was some legal technicality to do with that. Although I could have added password protection, there were two reasons why I did not : firstly, that I take the view that wikis are (or should be) by spirit an open sort of phenomenon (*), no need to go through that registration process that makes so many people just give up and hit the back button (you know the feeling?), and secondly because that wiki and 2 others I'd started for other organizations were all not being used much - I just saw no point in doing so, as I'd reached the conclusion that most people - even computer people - just did not "get" wikis : a real puzzle to me at the time - and I thought passwords would put them off even more.

I suspect that that visibility, being linked to from elsewhere (like the static page), might make the difference though, for an outfit like EdLUG. Third time might be lucky.

Should such a wiki be password protected throughout? Or should there be an 'open' area not requiring registration? How do people really feel about having to register? One of the very earliest and largest of all wikis, at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki , remains open to all comers without registration to this day. No doubt there are many others like it.


(*) Rollback of previous versions is always available in case of sabotage, and in practice such mischief seems to be unlikely, for small limited-visibility wikis at least. There has been some discussion about this on the wiki mentioned above.




and maybe even


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