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Re: [edlug] PVR, MythTV and DVB

Norrie McKinley wrote:

Thanks for the swift replies.

I'm re-installing KnoppMyth Release 5 Alpha 15.1 which has MythTV 0.18. My card is the newer version of the Nova-T PCI. It does get recognised but if I go an muck about with the system, MythTV can't seem to open it again. I have to remove it from MythTV, power down and re-run mythtv-setup from an xterm.

Strange one, possibly there is a lock on the frontend from previously run istance of Myth, couldnt be sure without more specifics.

I just discovered that MTV can scan from within itself. I also suspect that I need to improve my reception. It's fine with my digi-box but MTV reports a pretty poor signal.

Yeah I had to put a signal booster on my aerial, not the best solution because it just boosts a bad signal, but it works. I imagine digi-boxes have built-in signal boosters.

When I do a scan is it OK to just enter the frequency and leave all other settings at Auto?

You could try setting them to auto and seeing if it picks the settings up. Below are settings for one Craigkelly multiplex:

Freq. 570 MHz
Bandwidth 8Mhz
Lp coderate 3/4
Hp coderate 3/4
Transmission Mode 2k
Guard Interval 1/32
Constellation QAM 16

And set the others to auto or none.

I had problems with scanning on the Craigkelly transmitter when I setup a friends Mythtv (I use Blackhill transmitter). I found that it got stuck in a loop scanning all the channels over and over. There should be information broadcast on each mulitplex frequency with information of the other multiplexes available. For some reason when scanning Craigkelly it doesnt know when it has found all the frequencies available and keeps rescanning them endlessly. YMMV.

If you have problems like this you can enter the multiplex information manaully then scan each multiplex individualy, I can give you the nessecary info on the multiplexes available from Craigkelly.

The channels.conf file goes in $HOME/.xine/ directory, depending on what user you are running it under.

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