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[edlug] Converting ipchains to iptables

Hi, I have been tasked with converting a rather complicated ipchains 
configuration over to iptables.  While the new machine is going to be RH9 
and thus will still support ipchains it is felt that we should switch the 
system over to iptables.  Although I have the /etc/sysconfig/ipchains file 
the syntax is a bit different to iptables and given the extreme complexity 
of this particular example I would like to find some source of 
documentation to allow me to either edit the ipchains to convert it to a 
file that iptables can read, or find a tool to automatically do that.

Anyone already done this, or know where to get the info?  I have done a 
fair bit of searching on google and keep getting close but still no cigar.  
Example, this page 
has a nice table showing the options for ipchains, but nothing similar for 

Incidentally, this is not a NAT box, just a plain firewall and I need to
be able to route traffic in and out because the machines behind it have
routable IP addresses.  The firewall is there just to control access in
and out.


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