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Re: [edlug] Congrats on Install Day! And a question about compactflash

Hi Harry, 

I just bought a Zaurus a week or so ago (an even more
archaic SL-5000D), trust me you'd be doing well to
invest in a memory card reader for trying out new
ROMs, or indeed modifying them to your tastes, you
should easily pick one up for under a tenner. In the
week I've had mine (and I stress I'm NOT a proper
Linux head) I've had four different ROMs on it to try
- the 5500 has a bigger selection than the 5000 tho -
more memory y'see. Cacko seems to be about the most
robust for mine from the little collection of ROMs my
Z's last owner gave me.

Other idea: I picked up a brand new CF 802.11b card
(Netgear MA701 - works out of the box with the Z) on
eBay for around twenty quid, and got the Z talking to
my main box and laptop, so I suppose if you're
wirelessed up you could get the ROM from another
machine (or indeed from the net), dump it in the Z or
on the SD card, then copy it onto your CF card. 

It's all good fun -  I'm off to figure out how I can
convince my other half to allow me to buy a C3100 now!


--- Harry Halpin <hhalpin@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

> Congrats on the Install day! I was very impressed.
> So impressed I joined
> the list-serv.
>  I'm Harry (some of you may remember me as the grad
> student that helped
> set-up the RMS talk a while back...).
> I have two problems that I could use some help with:
> 1) While it's an archaic PDA, I just got a Sharp
> Zaurus 5500 and would
> like to install OpenZaurus on it (the free version
> of Sharp's native
> OS). However, to install it I need to put the image
> on a compact flash
> card, since the 5500 doesn't have USB. Does anyone
> have a compact flash
> card reader plugged into a live Linux install that
> has internet
> connectivity? If I could use it for a bit that would
> be great.
> 2) Second, is anyone here experienced with encrypted
> partitions? I have
> a USB key that I'd like to set-up to with one
> unencrypted partition (for
> my mail private key, so I can literally always have
> it with me) and one
> encrypted partition. I followed the directions on:
> http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/179
> And I've just managed to nuke my USB key's
> partition, that's about it,
> such that it can't automount anymore. Anyone in
> EdLug ever done this?
> Encrypted partitions are rather new to me, and I'm
> not really grokking
> dm-crypt quite yet...
>                    cheers,
>                        harry
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