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Re: [edlug] RE: FOSS business models [was Big blue v Big poo]

Gordon Guthrie wrote:
Maintaining unsellable 'IP' also represents a untenable cost if the 'IP' doesn't provide competitive advantage - reduce that cost by open licensing it... (or build it with open source components - if it ain't a source of competitive advantage to you, it ain't to nobody else neither)

Microsoft themselves aren't the barrier to Linux desktop adoption (with the partial exception of Excel - many businesses have multi-million pound spreadsheet 'applications' running under Excel that are business critical) - it is the niggling wee apps that only run on Windows - switching 2,500 desktops involves finding every wee crudy bit of

And how many of these business critical spreadsheets are returning correct answers? There us a very long standing problem with the statistical analysis functions in excel which MS made worse with their bugfix patches

Any serious business user of excel would have a compeditive advantage by using Gnumeric, which does everything excel does, does it more correctly and has more useful features excel doesn't have.

for anyonw who wants more information.
`	Robert.

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