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[edlug] Help - LPI Exam Center Venue


As you may know, I'm working with LPI to setup an exam center on Friday 23rd April, to host LPI101-102, and SuSE exams.

Due to anticipated demand, Net Resources facilities are unsuitable. We need to cater for 35+ candidates in AM and PM 2 hour minute sessions. Exams will be paper based.

The venue has to be free. LPI will charge £15.00 only for each exam. Net Resources will not make any money from this April exam center.

Any contacts I can speak to about bookng free space for exams, please let me know, otherwise it won't happen!

There is the chance for interested parties to be trained as LPI exam center 'proctors' as part of this, which means the proctors could setup and run further LPI/SuSe exams in Scotland independently.



Peter George
Training Manager
Net Resources Ltd
26 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AL
T: 0131 477 7127  F: 0131 477 7126
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