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Re: [edlug] Garbage at end of spam emails

Stuart Pettie wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone can shed light on what function the random words, 
> usally attached at the end of spam emails provides.
> Nobody I know has been able to explain it, and it has got us guessing.

What, no replies yet?  Or has spamassassin nobbled them all?

I always assumed the random (and therefore non-spam-related) words
were there to drown out the giveaways like "certificate of deposit"
or "prescription viagra" in various kinds of statistical filter.
That's also why they spell it v1agrá.  Oh, and phishing spams use
the random gabble to disguise the fact that the only thing that
displays is the attached image.

On the other hand, when they accidentally leave in unsubstituted
"%RANDOM_WORD" tags that tends to make them easier to spot.
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)
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