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Re: [edlug] iPaq/Wetware Incompatibility

"Gordon Guthrie" <gordon_guthrie@xxx.xxx.xxx> writes:

Are you aware you're sending each of your messages twice?  From the
headers, it looks like you might be hitting the submit button multiple

> I can log in as my son, but have no idea what my password is (or more
> importantly the root password...)
> So how do I force/crack my way onto an iPaq, or is it restore all?

I'd suggest looking at one of the more recent local root escalation
vulnerabilities, and seeing if you're crackable.  Other than that, is
there any way to access the internal storage as a block device from a PC
without using the internal operating system?  If so, you might be able
to use that.  Next step, can you boot an iPaq from a CF card?  I'm
afraid I don't know very much about the hardware...

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