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Re: [edlug] RE: FOSS business models [was Big blue v Big poo]

Robet (rjg) wrote:
And how many of these business critical spreadsheets are returning correct answers? There us a very long standing problem with the statistical analysis functions in excel which MS made worse with their bugfix patches

Any serious business user of excel would have a compeditive advantage by using Gnumeric, which does everything excel does, does it more correctly and has more useful features excel doesn't have.

for anyonw who wants more information

I agree (sort of, but...). I have come across some absolute howling spreadsheets in my time - poorly constructed, untested, unverifiable with deeply embedded erroneous assumptions in them. I do think that one day a major organisation will collapse becuase of poor reporting based on b*gg*r*d spreadsheets, but... of all classes of business user, Brother Finance is the only one with a clue about reproducability, reconciliation, verification and audit. And Brother Finance also tends to have invested hunnerds of money in his spreadsheet suites. Excel is also typically a front-end of choice for complex (and very expensive) analytical tools (for example the Essbase hypercube). Many large spreadsheet suites will be automatically fed with statistical information generated from batch reports, statistical packages like SAS, etc, etc. Ripping out that infastructure and replacing it does not come cheap - especially as a lot of those interfaces are implemented as bespoke Excel plug-ins.

Your reference paper was interesting (and not surprising) but doesnt make a convincing point for Gnumeric providing competitive advantage - unless your business has specific operational models that are dependent on those fscked functions.


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