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[edlug] Talk Thurday 1st March at Hollyrood

Hello all,

On Thursday 1st march at the Hollyrood Tavern I hope to give a small demonstration of Fedora Core 2 beta running on a WD Raptor (Sata) then the same machine running on a normal IDE drive. This will be a very short demonstration for those that are interested in seeing the speed difference between the two. I know there are lots of other important performance related issues but I thought this would be of interest.

The machine I will be using will have a DVD and a CD which will both be bootable. I will then leave some copies of some live CD's such as Morphix, Mandrake Move, E-learnix, Dam small linux , Dynabolic, Freeduc and if someone can bring in the DVD from Linux format a couple of months ago then the Sun Java Desktop. I intend to let people play with the machine rather than me giving any formal talk on live CD's.

The demonstration will be held at 8PM. I will also be hosting a 10min (gardeners Question time) slot as suggested by Andrew Smith so that if anyone has any questions about Linux then we can steer the questions to those that can answer them.

I would also like to say that I thought the idea of using used CD labels as name tags(also by Andrew) was a good idea for name badges, I hope someone will bring in some old labels and pens.

At 7pm at the same location (Hollyrood not Hollywood as I mistakenly typed the last time : ) ) I would like to hold a discussion on Advocacy and forming a subgroup of EDLUG that deals with this issue.

Many thanks to Gordon for bringing in his projector to last months meeting for the demonstration of Knoppix it made a big difference and was very much appreciated.



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