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[edlug] Meeting Thursday 1st Hollyrood Tavern

I will be giving a very short demo at 8pm on Thursday 1st at the Hollyrood Tavern. I will be showing the difference between a Sata interface Raptor Drive and a IDE drive. Both drives will be in the same machine running Fedora Core 2 Beta. This will be a very short demonstration. I will also be bringing along a selection of Live CD's for everyone to play with. Morphix, Freeduc, Mandrake Move,Dam Small Linux, System Rescue CD, Dynabolic and others. If anyone still has a copy of the Sun Java Desktop or other live CD's they think people would be interested in could they please bring them along. The machine I will be using has a bootable DVD in it so it will be suitable for them.

I will be hosting a small 10min "gardeners Question time" session (as suggested by Andrew Smith) where I open up the floor to any linux Questions in the hope that those with questions can talk to people that have good answers for them. I would like to thank Andrew for bringing along the labels and pens for name badges for last months meeting I think it was very useful and successful.

Many Thanks to Gordon for bringing his projector to the last meeting it made a very big difference for the Knoppix install demonstration.

Finally I would like to have a meeting at 7pm for those who are interested in discussing forming a subgroup within Edlug concerning Advocacy issues.



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