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Re: [edlug] Big blue v Big poo

Peter  George wrote:
> The Microsoft speaker pointed out that Microsoft have learned a
> lot from the open source movement, particularly in rediscovering the
> iportance of community involvement which they had let go since Win
> 3.1.  The graphs of vulnerabilities disclosed by each distribution
> were interesting, Debian being slated as about 5 times more
> insecure than Win XP according to his data. Ed's already pointed
> out how the info may have been misrepresented. 

"May have"?  Compare the equivalent graph for MS-Windows 3.1 - it's
unsupported, which means it has fewer public vulnerabilities than
MS-Windows UXB! 

If there's a theoretical way for gnutetris.deb to give local users
access to the group "games", that gets added to the Debian graph as
soon as Steve Kemp spots it; if mstetris.exe does the same that
doesn't even register as an exploit.  And only mstetris.exe goes on
the graph - any flaws in gnutetris.exe are Linus's fault.
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)
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