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Re: [edlug] [Fwd: Charity IT sale - may be interest to EdLug]

just in case anyone was worried that this might be a dastardly plot from a certain company based in Utah, I've checked and the site mentioned (http://www.passiton.SCO.net) isn't related ;op

Faye Gibbins wrote:


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Hi there (Faye?),

I've crossed paths with EdLug in the past - mainly through contact with Peter
George, regarding equipment donations.
Anyway, I've recently come into contact with the 'Pass-IT-on' Charity
(http://www.passiton.sco.net) and thought it may be of interest to EdLug folks
(if they're not already aware).
If you think so too, please could you spread word about the upcoming sale day -
advert attached!

'Pass-IT-on' build up machines for local disabled people/groups. Anything they
can't use goes to a specialist recycling facility.
Since some of the systems they need to build are quite specialist (read
expensive), they sell off some of the more standard equipment to raise funds.
Even if folks don't want to buy anything, please consider Pass-IT-On as an
alternative to land-fill.

If you'd like more info, contact details can be found on the Pass-IT-On website.

Thanks for your time and hope all is well in the world of EdLug.

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