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Support Engineers

An established Edinburgh-based company is looking for part-time
Engineers to offer support in a networking environment. The job requires
that the successful applicants will be available at no-notice on a
callout basis for daytime and/or overnight shifts, depending on
availability. It would be ideal for mature students studying during the
daytime with the ability to leave for an hour or two when a callout

Role Requirements

Candidates should have a basic knowledge of Linux and Windows Operating
An understanding of networking on a low level, including switches and
The ability to deal with customers and work in a pressured environment.
Reliability and availability, when previously arranged via a rota, is
Candidates must live in within 20-30 minutes of the city centre of
Edinburgh to achieve response times.
Enthusiasm, a smart but casual appearance and the ability to learn


Depending on experience, the pay is up to £25 per hour with taxi
expenses in addition. The candidates will be considered for full time
positions where appropriate. Training will be provided.

Please send your CVs directly to peter@xxx.xxx.xxx

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