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Re: Re: [edlug] EU Forcing Microsoft to Open Source?

The reason you hide interface specifications is to prevent interworking. 

There are many reasons for doing this but inhibiting effective competition is likely to be the major reason. Of course if you know it will be secret you may be also less fastidious in your design.

Arguing that an interface design is IP is the kind of thing that lawyers get paid huge amounts to do. Although IMHO if such secrecy does in fact help to preserve your market then guarding this kind of 'IP' makes as much business sense as guarding any other, e.g. a proprietary algorithm.

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This is of course enormously important.  It is one thing to
deny people access to code; it is something much darker to
deny them access to interface specifications. 


The point I'd like to make is that a _specification_ cannot possibly
be claimed as intellectual property ...  if it really exists.

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