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RE: [edlug] Checking loaded Apache mods

Excellent, that's the one;

[peter@arkaig peter]$ locate mod_include.so

Now I feel stupid, I should have thought of that. Doh.

I'll need to edit httpd.conf of course to get ut running.

Thanks for all your responses.


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On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 12:29:52PM -0000, Peter  George wrote:

> I want to check wether my server is running 'mod_include'. How can I 
> do this?

  "Running" would suggest that you have the module loaded in the  Apache configuration file you are using, and you had explicitly 
 enabled it with something like:

     AddHandler server-parsed .html
     Options +Includes

  "Available" would mean that you have the module available to  load.  Run 'locate mod_include.so' and see if it is installed  upon your box.

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