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[edlug] UML, was Re: Recommendation for Linux hosting

On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 10:16:29PM +0000, Andrew Veitch wrote:

> sudo /sbin/reboot
> with UML and you will reboot your own server but not effect anyone else
> running on the same machine.

  Actually I've never gotten that to work in UML. /sbin/halt works fine,
 but a reboot never works.

  This is even mentioned on the bytemark support page.

  What I do for my uses of UML is to have a watchdog script running and
 start each instance inside a screen session.  If I halt the box then
 the watchdog kicks off and boots the instance up again.

> I tried something similar on a mainframe with multiple Linux sessions
> running under Z/VM but User Mode Linux does the same thing on ordinary PC
> hardware.

  It's pretty sexy when it works.

  I'd be interested in seeing what people here use it for in the wild..

  I'm using four instances on one big dell box, one for primary DNS,
 one for WWW serving, one for SMTP, and one as an SMTP proxy server
 which filters out evil attachments and viruses.

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