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[edlug] Re: Specification != IP?

>>>>> Gareth Edwards wrote (on Wed, 24 Mar 2004 at 21:17):

    > Peter G. Hancock wrote:
    >> The point I'd like to make is that a _specification_ cannot possibly
    >> be claimed as intellectual property ...  if it really exists.

    > Interesting.... A specification can be copyrighted, it can be
    > described in legal process as a trade secret, it can be the output of
    > an ISO9001 process and and the man at the ministry can declare it to
    > be classified, secret or even "For Your Eyes Only". Surely just
    > because it ain't code doesn't mean it ain't IP?

Well, it's an interesting historical fact that these things happen,
whether or not they should.

There seem to me 3 things:
1.  The specification.  (A statement of a problem.)
2.  Program text, a mechanism or whatever.   (A thing, stuff, ..)
3.  The reason why the code meets the specification. 

The intellectual work is in producing 3 -- a piece of reasoning. 

I can just about see how someone might regard 2 as their property,
or want to keep it secret.  But a _statement_??  Isn't that 
mind boggling?  

    > Gareth
    > An IP design engineer.

A mathematician interested in specification. 

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