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Re: [edlug] Re: [linux-users] Recommendation for Linux hosting

> | I'm not sure how SSH, mail, etc would work with UML though. The only way I
> | can think of would be to give each UML instance an IP number bound to a
> SSH and mail work fine,
> with ssh it will listen on your one ip address which will resolve from
> all domains associated with the machine. You can setup users as normal
> in /home/* or you can seperate them by using /home/www.example.com/*
> /home/www.example2.com/* and so on.

I think you're confusing UML with virtual hosting.

With User Mode Linux each user can be given root access to their own virtual
Linux server - it's pretty much the same as having your own dedicated server
although in reality you are sharing the hardware with other people.

You should be able to type:

sudo /sbin/reboot

with UML and you will reboot your own server but not effect anyone else
running on the same machine.

I tried something similar on a mainframe with multiple Linux sessions
running under Z/VM but User Mode Linux does the same thing on ordinary PC


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