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Re: [edlug] Re: [linux-users] Recommendation for Linux hosting


Andrew Veitch wrote:
| I'm not sure how SSH, mail, etc would work with UML though. The only way I
| can think of would be to give each UML instance an IP number bound to a

SSH and mail work fine,

with ssh it will listen on your one ip address which will resolve from
all domains associated with the machine. You can setup users as normal
in /home/* or you can seperate them by using /home/www.example.com/*
/home/www.example2.com/* and so on.

If you are hosting sites for others then putting their website in
publi_html in their home directory (dont make /home/username the
directory root as it can lead to config files being viewable to casual
browser), then pointing the apache virtual server to this folder will
work fine, they can then also ssh into their home directory and work on
their website easily.

With mail, after setting up the MX records (very simple using tinydns
which is what bytemark use), all that is required is to configure the
mail server to accept email for the domains you use then ensure that
your users setup the correct reply addresses in their mail clients. You
will also have to configure the smtp server to allow relaying for these
domains (or authenticated relaying which is much better imho) then your
users will be able to send and receive mail.

Theres a number of ways this can be organised but basically

http (assuming apache) - Virtual Servers
ssh - just keep adding users and choose a naming conevtion (ie unique
names across all sites or userx.example.com, the first is preferrable imo)
smtp - most mail servers handle multiple domains with minimal
configuration (in exim you add the new hostname at one or two places
depending how you handle relaying, in my case I only add it at one point)

The biggest difference between doing all this yourself and having a
hosting company do it for you is that you get more control over how
things work and theres no stupid charges like £3 a month for a new
subdomain on your website. There is the chance that you can mess up
configurations and things, but most of it is pretty simple, not to
mention all the friendly edluggers here helping out :-)

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