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Re: [edlug] Sun Java OS

I installed it from a magazine (Linux User & Developer) disk (well not quite 
installed - it runs from the CD in a knoppix-like stylee). You're right, it's 
Gnome on linux with mozilla and star office. I have to say I was well 
impressed with it and it looks quite funky too. It installed in no time and 
detected pretty much all of my hardware. I'm half thinking of installing it 
on a spare machine with a view to longer term use.

It looks like it may really be a viable contender for seducing M$ loyalists.

I could copy the disk if anyone's interested (although the mag may still be 


On Wednesday 24 March 2004 8:46 pm, Joe Barnett wrote:
> Has anyone had a play with Sun's "Java OS" yet?  From what I read it
> seems to be OpenOffice.org + Mozilla + Evolution in a Gnome desktop on a
> Linux kernel.
> I wonder how "luser friendly" it is and if it is a "no brain required,
> just point and squirt" install.

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