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Re: [edlug] Re: [linux-users] Recommendation for Linux hosting

Andrew Veitch <andrew@xxx.xxx.xxx> writes:

>> Hmmm.  Slight diversion... How does one support different domains
>> through one IP address?  This is typically what web-host companies
>> do.
>> Is than possible to do with a UML service like Bytemark?
> HTTP 1.1 onwards supports virtual hosting and modern web servers make
> it really easy. It breaks Netscape 1.0 but you probably don't need to
> worry about that these days!
> I'm not sure how SSH, mail, etc would work with UML though. The only
> way I can think of would be to give each UML instance an IP number
> bound to a virtual ethernet device.

That's what they do.  From inside a UML, it looks like a regular PC
connected to the internet.  From outside the server, ditto.  I'm not
sure what it looks like from the server console, but I guess it's
something like that.  The virtual server I admin at Bytemark is actually
faster than my home PC for a lot of things (especially as it's connected
to a 100Mb/s pipe).  The limiting factor seems to be Disk IO.

If you need to host multiple SSL enabled websites then you can get more
IP addresses.

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