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Re: [edlug] Re: [linux-users] Recommendation for Linux hosting

I have to give bytemark-hosting a big thumbs up, Ive been running off one of their UML machines for quite a while using a variety of different services, IMAP,SMTP,WWW,SSH.....

They have been extremely helpful in setting many of these up, Ive had really quick replies on any request, They have not once failed to help with a problem or taken too long to fix it. The uptime has been fantastic any downtime Ive had has been forewarned well in advance with detailed explanation of exactly what was happening and why. I'm sure you will all remember the recent few vulnerabilities in the linux kernel do_brk and the like, each of these was fixed by bytemark across all of their customers almost seamlessly (the system went down for a minute or two and then came back up again fully patched). They provide a newsletter to cutomers that doesnt contain all the usual marketing crap but actually has relevant information thats been useful to me.

I might sound like Im on commision here, but it is because these guys have given an excellent service. I can forward examples of support issues they have handled and copies of their newsletters if its of interest to anyone.


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