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[edlug] Killer Questions for Microsoft

On Thursday I think a fair few of us will be attending the ScotlandIS backed debate entitled "Is Open Source a Viable Business Alternative? "
Bradley Tipp will be representing Microsoft, and Mike Robinson will be arguing for Linux and Open Source from the IBM.
If you've seen any business press, like Computer Weekly recently, you'll know that Microsoft are on the fight back against recent Linux gains with arguments like 'Win2003 Server gives lower TCO on server consolidation than Linux on zSeries' etc. 
I was wondering if people could phrase any killer questions, for either party. I'd be interested to hear some unnerving questions, and who knows, they might actually get asked.
Bradley Tipp is the U.K. National Systems Engineer at Microsoft. He has worked for Microsoft, in a variety of technical roles, for the past eight years. His roles have included work on systems ranging from Active Directory to Windows CE. His most recent role has been Technical Lead for Security. Prior to his work at Microsoft Bradley worked for both Marks and Spencer plc and BP plc on Mainframe systems, Wide Area Networking and distributed client server systems. 



Mike Robinson joined IBM in 1986 and has occupied a variety of technical and sales roles in the PC and software divisions of the company. Since the beginning of 2003 he has led a team of services professionals developing offerings to address the emerging business opportunities presented by Open Source and Grid Computing. 
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