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[edlug] Realtek 8139 PCMCIA Card not working

Hi all,

    I have used the cheap and cheerful 8139 chipset 10/100 PCI nics on
    linux with much proven success over the years using the 8139too.o
    module in the 2.4 kernel series.

    I now have obtained a PCMCIA 32bit card which uses the 8139 chipset.
    However, getting this to work is proving a bit more taxing.

    Firstly, I did what I was told in the install.txt file on the driver

	1. Compile the source code :
       Copy the source code rtl8139.c (ver 1.08 above) to a directory
       and execute "gcc -DCARDBUS -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes 
       -O6 -c rtl8139.c -o realtek_cb.o -I/usr/src/linux/pcmcia-cs-3.0.9/include/"
       The directory "pcmcia-cs-3.0.9" stands for the card service version you 
       use. Please change it to the version on your system in order to include 
       proper .h file. The final file is realtek_cb.o

    The next steps get you to copy the .o file to the modules dir on
    your system and update your pcmcia/modules configuration file.
    However the above step 1. does not work - it does'nt compile, and am
    I mistaken, but should I still be using pcmcia-cs in a modern-day
    2.4 kernel?, but just to be sure, I downloaded pcmcia-cs and pointed
    this gcc to it. It still failed.

    Needless to say, I downloaded 2.4.25 from kernel.org and set about
    creating a new kernel, enabled PCMCIA in menuconfig, along with
    including the 8139 driver in the Ethernet 10/100 section. Upon
    multiple compiles of this kernel, I can't get pcmcia to work,
    cardctl status simply says 'no pcmcia driver found in /proc/' 

Anyone any experience with these cards, or getting PCMCIA to work
correctly on 2.4? -- please note that i also have an Orinoco based US
Robotics wireless card which works correctly on my existing 2.4.18


    Alistair Ross

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