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[edlug] Re: [linux-users] Recommendation for Linux hosting

seth@xxx.xxx.xxx (Seth Kneller) writes:

> Tony Hoyle wrote:
>> I use http://www.tektonic.net
>> They give you a UML virtual server with root access so you can
>> install/run anything
>> you like.
> I thought I should mention http://www.bytemark-hosting.co.uk/ in return 
> since they are offering a similar service but are UK based.
> I had a little bit of trouble with them at the end of last week, but it 
> turned out to be a kernel problem and a reboot of my VM solved it. Their 
> support was knowledgable and friendly.

I'll second that -- they are really nice, friendly people.  The only
problems I've had with them have been DoS related (one of their other
customers running an IRC server), and were resolved pretty quickly.

If you're a free software developer, you get a 10% discount.  They will
also either donate money to Debian or give a discount to a referring
customer for each new customer they sign up.

They are still only a three person band, and it shows in the nice
things, like when we upgraded from a 1Gb disk powerup to a 3Gb disk
powerup, they let me keep the 1Gb partition for as long as I needed to
while I migrated across (must remember to give it back...).  It also
means that the person doing front-line technical support is the same
person that implemented the solution you're using.

They also do native IPv6 is that's of any interest to you.

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