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[edlug] Spring clean - Dell PE 4300 rackmount box


Looking to sell this Dell 4300 7U rackmount box locally (box in West End
of Glasgow) before trying ebay, as I'd rather the buyer collect than
have me box the beast up.

Would work as a small/medium office mail/file/web server, and best
suited to somewhere with own machine room as its kinda loud when all the
fans (6 disk/system and 3 PSU) get going.

I've been playing with it on and off for a while with RedHat. Works
fine. Few minor cosmetic scuffs. Keys included.

Quick spec:

Dual P2 400MHz
NO HARD DRIVES, but 2 (of possible 6) hot-swap disk trays included
32MB PERC/MegaRAID 428 Ultra RAID Controller (rev 4).
Intel 82558 Ethernet Pro 100, dual NIC

Pics online at http://rorymacdonald.fotopic.net/c140248.html

Questions and sensible offers off-list please. eg. £200 quid and it's



Rory Macdonald <rory@xxx.xxx.xxx>
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