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Re: [edlug] Advocacy in Welsh, etc

Thanks for the link. (More please!!)

One argument here, ISTM, is that there are "structural" reasons why
open-source software should be easier/quicker to i18n'ize than
monopolistic software.  (Once there are -open- standards in place
for the framework.)  Namely, approx, any old local bod can do it. 

It would be interesting (admittedly, probably not to Edinburgh hacks)
to have some facts re relative treatment of languages scripted
right-to-left (arabic?) or top-to-bottom (?) in open/closed
software. ??

Tenuously related is the treatment of mathematical and scientific
notation in the two models.  One might point to TeX and LaTeX
(thoroughly open source!) which have existed for yonks.  

PS.  Hiya James.  Am playing with Epigram.  Depressingly McBride-ian!

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