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Re: [edlug] Advocacy in Welsh

Dear Hank and other advocates, 

... I'm not Welsh, nor any kind of Welsh-speaker but ... 

I suspect that the real story behind Maeucrosofft's recent
Welsh-language initiative is that they are trying to bid for
public money/have public money spent adopting their software in
government services, either under "England-and-Wales" branded
legislation, or even Welsh Assembly sponsored stuff. They simply
CANNOT do this in Wales without a full bilingual presence
(constitutional affairs experts will be able to say when this
happened --- 1974 local government reorganisation? NO, the Welsh
Language Act 199x, see below) and since they are being kicked by
the EU over anti-monopolistic practices, any concessions to small
nations in terms of language representation represents a possibly
small-as-in-beer PR mitigation, as well as a
big-as-in-nasty-corporate-capital appropriation of more of the
public's money. 

The insincerity of the gesture, or its not being perceived as a
big deal, should be offset against the mindshare this gives them
with public bodies. Now, it would be some sort of deal, not
necessarily big (but also: see below), if Linux advocates
could/can/do say that we've already got
Welsh/Gaelic/Basque/[insert tongue here]/... covered and are
trying to steal the jump, Bob Kerr-wise, on the public bodies of
those nations. 

Ob EdLUG: Google on "Linux AND Gaelic" doesn't immediately turn
up anything useful, whereas

	"Linux and Gaidhlig" (so, you do need to know the spelling)


which says all of the above rather better than I seem to have. 

Bore da!

(Anti-Welsh, Anti-Welsh Language Act, Anti-Gaidhlig,
Anti-bilingualism, etc. follow-ups to /dev/null/ please)

james DOT mckinna AT st DASH andrews DOT ac DOT uk

School of Computer Science
University of St. Andrews
North Haugh
St. Andrews
Fife KY16 9SS
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