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Re: [edlug] Advocacy


ECOSSE it is then? 
(Edinburgh Council of Open Source Software Evangelists)

As a kickoff we're in the market for raw links to stuff under various
headings.  Submissions necessary!  Part of the idea is to assemble,
polish and hone impressive, reliable resources for local journalists,
local businesses, and local politicians.

  what are the real headings? 
   -- How to _organise_ advocacy/enangelism to come across
      as serious, believable, quotable people? 

non-sleazy (advocacy):
  open/published standards
    what the f is a `word' document? 
  prompt fixes
    structural advantages of open source
  community/local stuff 
    (eg. recent BBC news item about Microsoft translating
    windows into Welsh.  Big deal ...)
    Bob Kerr's stuff

sleazy (polemics, anecdotes, ... ): 
  fud rebuttal, pre-preparedness
    -- interesting would be eg., what are microsoft's
       "standard" arguments?
    -- what kind of stuff are they peddling recently? 
  fud of our own
    -- innovation stomping in various parts of the 
    -- what the f are you getting for your ms tax??

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