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[edlug] Advocacy

Hello all,

Peter H, Robert G and I had a good chat last night at The World about doing 
some Free/Open Source advocacy here in Edinburgh. I won't try to summarise 
our discussion here. Instead, I would like to invite any interested EdLUG 
members to contact me so that we can set up a group.

The frame of reference is that the group will be of EdLUG members, but will 
not "be" EdLUG. We will put together a formal constitution and committee and 
will communicate off the EdLUG list, but with periodic posts to update EdLUG 
members on what we are doing.

The initial goal will be to compile a collection of information (arguments, 
case studies, references) which can be used rapidly for informing politicians 
and the media, and to provide counter arguments where necessary. Robert, in 
particular, has already made a good start on this, but more help is needed.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining. At this early stage you 
can make a difference in shaping discussion and policy.


PS we need a name, preferrably with a clever acronym!
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