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Re: [edlug] Red Hat printing ???

Thursday, March 18, 2004, 4:25:31 PM, Gallagher, Kevin wrote:

> Has anyone looked at sending a print job to NDPS? I have enabled LPR/LPD
> Client support on the printer object but can't see how to point to the
> printer. I don't want to install a Netware Client as we want to move away
> from Netware and are only using it for print charging using GPAS.

Not having used netware this is mostly guesswork.
with LPD you'd basically point to lpd://ip.of.printer.or.server/queue-name in
cups. I think windows has the functionality of 'browsing' LPD printers
but could be wrong.

A dirty way of doing it I suppose is to run LPD server on windows and
that way you know the queue name and windows can forward the print
request to the NDPS.

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