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[edlug] An idea: Ipaq H2210 bulk order - anyone interested?

Hi All,

I'm thinking of getting one of the Ipaq handhelds, the H2210 model, from TotalPDA.


They are offering it at £209 plus VAT. I have just rung them about bulk buys and they say that for group purchases of 5 or more they will reduce the price to £192 + vat, or £189 + vat for 10 or more * .

Importantly, they say they can arrange a reference number to be given to people ordering under a bulk purchase agreement, so that each individual makes their own payment direct to TotalPDA and gets separate shipping as well. This would obviously take all (most) of the pain out of a centralised purchase through one person. It would of course require definite commitment.

This looks like a good offer to me. The H2210 has both SD and CF slots and is one of the first Ipaqs to have this, certainly at the price.

The H2200 linux porting project for it seems to be quite active too, though incomplete:




It looks suitable for tinkerers, but not ready for end-user routine use yet. However because of the dual-slot, I'd guess the port will continue to a usable state... no guarantees of course.

I thought I'd check to see if anyone else here might be interested. (It would probably have to be UK only). Please let me know fairly soon if you are - say by this weekend, and it might then be possible to order early next week. I don't mind if it's on- or off-list.

Or if anyone has any dire warnings please post these on-list !


* prices subject to confirmation - I'm expecting an email from TotalPDA about it.
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