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Re: [edlug] [OT] Amazon book review

On Tuesday 16 March 2004 10:58, Barrie Dempster wrote:
> Members' Library wrote:
> > I hereby pledge 50 pence of my own money. Once I have received pledges
> > for the full amount, I will order the book.
> I will pay the further 3.39 providing I can borrow it from the library
> for the first month. I feel it will be ideal to teach my 2 year old the
> basics of networking in preperation for his studies at playgroup. He
> plans to do his CCNA before his "reading with fireman sam" and "how to
> use lego by bob the builder" certifications.
> Anand if you can get the book to the next meeting I will give you the
> funds (in a combination locked breifcase for security).
> Many Thanks

Done. Pledges will now no longer be taken.

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