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[edlug] Open Source Public Consultation Exercise


The e-Envoy has released version 2.0 of the consultation paper 'Open Source
Software - Use Within UK Government'.

1>   (This is a lame link that will rot in the medium term)

The public consultation ends in 11th June 2004.

Do we think Edlug should make a formal submission? (Do we exist formally
enough to make a submission? Welcome to Constitution Hell...)



1	The consultation paper contains links to important chunks of work
like the e-Gif standards.

2	Technically the work of the Office of the e-Envoy is a devolved
matter. The Scottish version is CISAG (Common Infrastructure Standards
Advisory Group) which was created by the 21st Century Government Unit of the
Scottish Executive.


The CISAG is working on a Scottish version of e-GIF Part 1 and reuses a lot
of the technical standards.

There is not yet a CISAG web site or open consultation process

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