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Re: [edlug] VM : more details

Hi Denis

Thanks for the very informative posting.  The sharing of information in this
way is IMHO the raison d'etre of EDLUG.



On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Denis Leslie wrote:

>Nice to hear from other mainframers on this list !
>I worked as a VM sysprog, and later as an MVS>>OS/390>>z/OS sysprog>>team
>leader, on several generations of IBM hardware up to and including their
>recent zSeries platform. I started to find out about Linux after hearing what
>IBM had to say about their interest (and investment) in running it on their
>VM started life as CP/67 (Control Program 1967) which provided the "virtual
>machine" environment that allowed the user to run an operating system in each
>virtual machine (vm), unaffected by the activities of other vm's. Later along
>came CMS (Conversational Monitor System) which was a single user OS that
>could run only in a vm and provided facilities for editing, compiling,
>running and debugging programs.
>A neat feature was being able to run a new release of VM in a virtual machine
>so you could test it while other users worked on uninterrupted in their own
>vm's. So in one VM system, you could have different vm's running CMS, VM, MVS
>and any other suitable OS's.
>This is the capability that is now being exploited to allow customers to run
>many vm's each running Linux. I would expect that, if desired, you could run
>different releases of Linux in the same way as I describe above.
>I've heard a number of IBMers explaining that IBM were concerned that new
>generations of computer users coming out of universities didn't know anything
>about IBM's mainframe systems, but they did know about other systems like
>Windows, Unix and Linux. Hence IBM's interest in running Linux on their "big
>iron". They see an opportunity for companies to consolidate large numbers of
>smaller servers on to a single large IBM machine and simplify the management
>of the services they provide.
>IBM has a lot of documentation about VM and Linux available online. If you're
>interested in looking at it, a good place to start is :
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