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[edlug] SuSE updates

Can any SuSE experts on the list help me with this:

I administer a friend's computer for her. She has a reasonably modern pc 
running SuSE 8.1. Her internet connection is a dial up link through a 
conventional 56 kbps modem.

Yast Online Update (YOU) is clearly aimed at people with faster links. (I find 
it slow enough on my own 512 kbps cable broadband connection, although this 
is probably mainly due to the demand on the SuSE mirrors.) Attempts to update 
my friend's machine directly via dial up have never worked.

My question is, can I effectively mirror selected parts of the SuSE tree on my 
own machine (downloading at a time of night when demand is low) and burn a CD 
with which to update my friend's machine? If I can do this, where in the tree 
do I look for the relevant patches?


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